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The proposal for Tabakalera has being designed specifically to be a performance/installation and an exhibitioin of dance-videos. The dance videos that have being shown have been created during the previous Metamorphosis editions (China and Mexico) by several artists in collaboration with Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich and many of the international dancers that come from all over the world to participate in the event.

In the second part of the eveningtook place a dance performance/installation interacting with the treaming cameras system of the space and the audience. The art collective LINE (Mexico) managed and designed the event in collaboration with the dance team.



Pictures by Paula Arbide and ETANOSWKI

metamorphosis_Paula Arbide-47
metamorphosis_Paula Arbide-31
tabakalera video+dantza-7889
tabakalera video+dantza-7951
tabakalera video+dantza-7957
metamorphosis_Paula Arbide-49
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