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Day 3 - Friday 17 August

In Lisbon's summer heat, sweat poured off bodies as if invisible body taps have been opened after the warm-up and improvisation this morning. The self explorative moments give dancers the time to find solutions to potential problems they come across in their work. New possibilities open up. They take responsibility for their actions, allowing easier and more sufficient decision-making in the future.

The dancers are reminded that everything is seen on stage. Nothing is too small to go unnoticed. It is as if the details are not an extra but rather to be incorporated all the time and purely being part of good, strong work. The dance work should be thinking brain work too, always switched on and ready for the next surprise. It is then to find the balance to be able to let go and just be and do. It is a place where they learn about who they want to be on stage and then feel comfortable with what they are saying with their bodies.

Essentially it becomes work that you do internally, a “work-in” rather than a “work-out.” However through this way the dancer works out how to do and be and can then be comfortable to dance outwardly. This takes determination and perseverance. These qualities are very apparent in the studio these days. “Don’t give up, take risks…kill it.” Encouragement is given all the way.

Tomorrow is our first encounter at Museo Berardo, where Viagem will be performed for the first time. The dancers will also have the opportunity to present solos they have been working on, in and amongst the museum’s artworks. An interactive event for the people visiting the museum to experience, something new and perhaps out of the ordinary for the general public.

The past few days have concluded with a rehearsal and filming of Second Skin. Iratxe and Igor work with infectious energy and feed off each other’s passion. They have so much fun in the studio, creating through exploration and play. True artists at the top of their game and the ultimate example for the dancers they work with day to day. Effortless effort playing out in front of our eyes, because the joy they have for life and work wins above all.

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