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Metamorphosis International Residency, Shanghai 2017 was a great success for all involved. We had a super team this year, where everyone worked particularly well together. We had many interesting discussions, exchanged opinions, fun and laughter and really went for it with enthusiasm and dedication. Definitely very satisfying finishing a project off on such a high note.

Iratxe and Igor’s method of working gives opportunity for enriching personal, technical, artistic, physical, mental, emotional and cultural growth. Beyond the hours of studio work, the dancers explored a wide variety of other art-related encounters. They danced in video shoots which took places in various cultural spaces in and around Shanghai; interviewed for film; participated in group and individual photoshoots; attended audience Q&A sessions and even learnt how to lay out dance mats on theatre stages. All these opportunities allowed for various skills to develop and learning to take place.

Adaptability and versatility were stimulated in their work. Training and performing to various styles of music developed musical awareness, often taking dancers out of their comfort zones. Full concentration and alertness were at the order of each day.

The final two performances in the Experimental Theatre supported the dancers’ learning in how to channel adrenaline and performance excitement in a productive way. Sometimes the moment can become overwhelming and it is then essential to know how best to ground oneself but still keep a playful energetic quality.

We are all leaving Shanghai with positive energy and happy hearts, inspired, fulfilled and thankful beyond words to Iratxe and Igor. They made magic in the studio and on stage and allowed each dancer to look and feel better than their best - beyond what they ever thought they could achieve. Muchas gracias…graze mille, we love you!

Over and out, until next time.

(Picture by Johnatan Molina)

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