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Day 23

The last day of Metamorphosis International Residency, Shanghai 2017 has arrived.

Tonight’s performance concludes the project. These are always bitter sweet moments. Having been together as a group for a month has been a uniquely creative experience. Many new friendships have formed across the variety of cultures, while art was exchanged with art.

Iratxe and Igor are warriors! They are such a big inspiration for everyone they work with: they never give up; always aiming for the moon and beyond - all in the name of great art, exploration and their pure love for dance.

Last night’s performance in the Experimental Theatre at the Shanghai International Dance Centre was beautiful. A performance that gave the opportunity for the dancers to show their transformation - true metamorphosis. The dancers’ energy levels were electric, everyone so eager to show as a team what they had been working hard on for the past four weeks. Hours and hours of work, buckets of sweat (literally), one or two tears and lots of fun, culminated in a few short glorious moments on stage. “So enjoy the process,” is what Iratxe and Igor always encourage.

Dancer’s flourish under their guidance. I have seen many dancers break through barriers and hardships; they develop self-confidence through the work and fall in love with dance all over again. Personally, I already can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with Iratxe and Igor. I have learnt a great deal working with them and the dancers, on many levels and areas of life and dance. Metamorphosis has given real meaning to “time flies when you are having fun!”

Now let’s go dance! In true Iratxe and Igor style, “tomorrow (meaning today) more and better!”

(Picture by Igor Bacovich)

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