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Day 19

Iratxe and Igor are not the kind of choreographers who tell their dancers exactly what to think during a particular step or section of choreography. They prefer to guide the dancers with clear images and then let the individual’s creativity and intelligence complete the work. A sense of freedom and maturity can be supported in this way. “Listen with your left ear..suspicious..eyes in the back, move solid air….say something with your own story,” is what Iratxe and Igor would add.

Many of the hours are now spent on cleaning steps. With patience, movement is broken down and analysed in great detail, so that the work can be presented polished, free from “dirt.” “Don’t make unnecessary drama in movement where it isn't needed. Don’t get lost and cheat the movement. Clean work is to know exactly what you are doing.”

Something else that is being worked on at the moment is ways of walking and running. To walk and run is often incorporated into a work and so it is vital for dancers to know how to do this well. One needs to be co-ordinated in this movement aiming for no noise. It says a lot about the kind of stage character you want to portray. “Don’t run like you are going to buy bread! Run like a queen, like a beautiful woman.”

There is a lovely spirit growing amongst the group of young dancers; pride in quality work and working as a team to achieve what they know they need to deliver. They are aware when things go wrong and are determined to then rectify. It is with this sense of positive perseverance that they make progress. Every day things are better. Forward and up!

(Picture by Johnatan Molina)

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