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Day 17

Only a few more days left before we head into the theatre next Monday. This afternoon was dedicated to running the work from beginning to end to get an overall look. Early evening, the cleaning up process was the next priority.

With group work it is always the challenge that everyone does the exact version of a step. Whether it is corps de ballet in Swan Lake or sections from this year’s Metamorphosis in Shanghai, the skills that need to be applied for good teamwork are the same. Everyone needs to have the same goal to create something special. A clear head about where and at what time individual parts of the body must be, is needed to succeed. To breathe and feel each other’s rhythm is greatly satisfying for a group of dancers performing a specific piece and breathtaking for the one observing.

Iratxe and Igor build this atmosphere of joint effort and concentration into their work from the beginning. Individually, you are then responsible to create unity - a community with the same vision and work ethic. Taking daily training before rehearsals have an important function. It is not simply to warm up. One important reason is to set up the body and mind for success for the rest of the day, creating focus and discipline.

In a studio where this beautiful art form, the dancers and dance masters are respected, one would then also want to respect completing exercises as they were set in class, thoroughly until the end. This is part of good dance and life education. “How can you expect to do well in rehearsal if you cannot complete class fully.”

The days ahead will be intense, and so they should be.

(Picture by Johnatan Molina)

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