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Day 15

We learn new things every day, often the best kind happens through self discovery. The group of 23 dancers have differences; nationality, background, anatomy, physicality and dissimilar thought patterns, to name a few. However, somehow one still needs to learn how to arrive at the same finish line, even when the journey is different for each dancer.

Solid technique, physicality and musical awareness are foundations from where one can build exciting work. They are the minimum requirements. Dancing with impeccable technique alone, does not transported an audience to a higher place either. It takes far more than that - it is to go further, becoming something unusually special - an artist.

Remember that dance has a dimension beyond the physical. The body, as imperfect as it always is, is only part of the picture. Your energy, the quality of your movement, your feeling about the world, your dance spirit, that is what we see under the lights” Author unknown

Iratxe and Igor’s method starts by developing physicality and stamina. Thereafter, is takes full physical and artistic commitment from the dancer to achieve her highest level: the aim is going beyond just steps.

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” Wayne Dyer

A lot happens in the preparation. A few questions during the past few days: How do you prepare yourself for class, rehearsal, performance, how do I get myself in “the zone?” Every dancer has different preparation rituals to help them focus on performance and daily training, its a personal thing. Groundwork needs to happen even before class starts. When the day’s dancing begins the adrenaline already needs to pump - “You need to be in that temperature…and in a different place before you enter the stage. It’s not possible to start from nothing.” Teacher/choreographer gives, dancer gives more and so the process can continue to develop with enjoyment and beautiful creativity. It is communication, a conversation between the two.

Following the road less traveled, the furthest path possible, is often a challenge in dance movement. But what would life be without challenges! “Don’t eat the position, don’t cut…reality! Details are not details, it’s the work, it’s the person, it’s dance, it’s what gives quality.”

Honouring each movement and giving full value physically, mentally and musically is the work of the dancers for the next few days.

(Picture by Lee Wai Leung)

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