Day 9

We were at the Long Museum, West Bund today. Sometimes, experiences are hard to capture with words - today was one of them.

Chinese sculptor Zhan Wang’s exhibition “Forms in Flux” together with the spectacular architecture of the Long Museum was the backdrop and trigger for great inspiration. Wang’s sculptures draw from Chinese traditional cultural elements, using innovative techniques and methods to craft his work. He gives us the opportunity to address various issues developing around conversations between contemporary life and space. Art inspiration, intelligence and integration as its best.

We arrived at noon, which followed with a guided tour through the museum and explanation of Wang’s artwork. It was important for the dancers to have background knowledge about the space and exhibition to put things into context.

Dancers were given specific areas (corners, staircases, walls), within the high ceiling concrete museum to improvise. The audience walked between them while they created content with their bodies. Moving sculptures among the still ones. The various angles, shapes, curves and lines that create the building’s walls are a performance in itself. An explosion of creativity!

Improvisation was followed by a work in progress presentation and audience Q&A session. Some answers that came from the discussion: “The work might appear a little risky to the spaces we work in so we feel very lucky that we can be here today; we want this process to be all inclusive and for people to share the experience with us, so we never put a price on the tickets, its free to take part as an audience member. Our work is inspired by death, life, relationships, connections, feelings and community; the work doesn’t tell a specific story."

Directed by Iratxe and Igor, the group came together to shoot footage in and among an outside column structures. Passers by stopped and stared, drawn by what they saw. Breathtaking work by all involved.

Today was a gem!

(Picture by Johnatan Molina)

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