Day 7

We rehearsed in Shanghai Dance Theatre’s studios (Shanghai International Dance Centre) for the first week. Yesterday we moved to some of their bigger studios, the floor above Shanghai Ballet. The weather outside reached 41 degrees (apparently the hottest day of 2017 so far) and the hard work made translucent beads of sweat pour down with a force.

In this encouraging environment the dancers are given time to research material by themselves. It is in these moments that they can search to find solutions and analyse how to physicalise movement to make it their own. A personal laboratory of discovery.

The day ended wonderfully at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum! Divided into two floors, the museum is built in a U-shape with a sunken stage in the centre. In this sunken space Iratxe lead a public rehearsal with Igor. Their partnership so complimentary and seamless, the one guiding and suggesting paths to refine motions.

Next the audience was invited to watch various dance films. The first, footage of Iratxe and Igor dancing in and around the dramatic ruins in Pompeii; another short film shot in Mexico, where human (Iratxe) and insect (a moth in this case) become alike in characteristic qualities, intertwined with feelings of claustrophobia. The main film was a documentary taking the viewer through the weeks in San Sebastian (Metamorphosis 2016). Beautiful scenes shot in the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao); San Telmo Church; and in the impressive sculptural gardens of the Chillida-Leku Museum, with bodies improvising around enormous art structures.

(photos provided by McaM

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