Day 6

The day in the studio starts with the dancers sitting down, talking about thoughts and observations from the previous day’s work. Some volunteer to share, others are a little less eager to expose their thoughts through words. In general, dancers find it hard to verbalise, so we prefer to just dance. Usually we would rather be silent with our tongues, soundless.

The danger is that we then appear to be uncommunicative through movement which reduces the strength and intensity of everything we want to express. So it is vital for the usual quiet dancer to train their voice to know how to express with words too, even though the body functions as the main language. Through verbal expression concepts become more concrete and connected throughout the body.

Throughout the material that the dancers are currently working on in the studio, there are sections where the power of the voice is equally important to movement. A particular part requires speaking almost as if mad, a person loosing her mind on a specific thought - another, with the intention where one has so much to say, you can hardly get the urgent sentence past your lips.

Today was working and dancing around these thoughts, over and over again. Try, and try again, and again. Continue talking, talk louder! More! Louder! It is something that needs to be trained continuously before it might feel natural.

(Pictures by Lee Wai Leung)

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