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Day 5

What strikes me about the 23 dancers (ages 15-25), is the wide variety of languages they speak. Some hardly any English, other only Chinese, and then a Spanish or Italian sentence thrown in. Wonderfully the language of dance rules, and the power of movement breaks down all barriers.

Dancers must understand the pathways and language of their body in detail first, then the audience will be able to read the words the dancer creates with his or her unique “voice”. If its not clear, I see nothing.

In the written language, sentences include punctuation - similarly the dance must find moments of stillness - yet no dead pauses. If there aren’t full stops, everything becomes a mush. It is this balance that the dancers are fighting for.

Today was a day of understanding the above nuances and having a mission for each step. Even an obsessive and urgent mission so that vocabulary is believable to all parties. A constant physical and mental alertness is key and helps guide the desired precision.

This was also a day of stringing together phrases and being autonomous with decisions. It is clear through the work that the young dancers are encouraged to be independent and self-determined to ultimately be free with what they want to say with their bodies.

This is what can be seen when Iratxe and Igor are guiding the dancers.

(Picture by Johnatan Molina)

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