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Our third encounter took place in the spectacular Power Station of Art. Housed in a former power station, the museum is China’s first state run contemporary art museum. The museum is huge to say the least, which meant that the dancers had to explode out of their skins and dance beyond their extremities to fill the expansive spaces.

Enthusiasm filled the museum’s theatre where the dancers warmed up before they took their allocated spaces to improvise within the exhibition. 

The intension was for the audience to move through dimly lit exhibition rooms, as warm blood flows through veins and dark chambers of the body. The gloomy rooms gave a mysterious atmosphere, a great platform to discover this curious exhibition. 

As part of the work in progress presentation in the museum’s very own theatre, the dancers were lead by large projections they had never seen before. The changing colour backdrops and word prompts added an exciting surprise element. The dancers and audience had a marvellous time - invigorated and excited to be part of some of China’s most important art and cultural spaces.

A powerful day at the Power Station of Art.

Pictures by Johnatan Molina

Pictures by Michael Wang

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