Other projects




In Cinema Tonalá (Mexico City) we have presented a small taste of a creative process with one dancer on stage, showing Iratxe working on the choreographical material in fron of the public.

The second part of the evening we have shown some dance-video works we have made in the past from the art collective Line, Jorge Pellicer, Diego Garcia Sotomoro and Wenting Sun.

The evening ended with an open talk where the audience had the opportunity to ask questions to Iratxe, the dancers and some of the video makers.



In Centro Cultural España (Spanish Cultural Center) of Mexico City we have presented a work in progress during the making of the production: "The Body´s Trilogy".

The night started with a presentation of our studio works and the showing of some extrcts of the piece.
At the end we have had an open talk with the public.

In the theatre David Flores Rubio have exposed a photo exibition with a photo for each dancer.