The Metamorphosis Method was founded by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich. Their vocational dance training and professional careers have shaped the method and their teaching philosophy. Having worked and learned from master teachers and choreographers in the dance world, the couple have brought together their incredible passion for dance and fresh insights to shape a new generation of performing artists.  

Through their international travels, Iratxe and Igor have been working with students and professional dancers, translating their movement language and passing this onto dancers of all artistic and creative backgrounds. In 2019 they formed Metamorphosis Dance, a dance company based in Madrid, Spain. The work of the company is based on the Metamorphosis method. 


The Metamorphosis method trains excellent technique and physicality through a highly creative process. All areas of the body are worked to give maximum effect. Technical skills become a vehicle to speak with the body and a means of expression to communicate dance at its highest artistic level. Dancers are able to demonstrate brilliant movement skills with physical strength and aesthetic quality. 

The work creates opportunities for professional dancers to develop an agile body and mind.  Dancers feel empowered, making intelligent, autonomous decisions and take risks with the skills they have developed. With a great sense of determination, barriers are broken and dance becomes limitless.  

The work requires dancers with an open mindset, quick to respond to choreography and mature in their approach. Fully present, dancers are equipped with tools to succeed in performance.    

Metamorphosis International Residency is an itinerant dance project that consist in a intensive workshop and a choreographic creation.

The results are presented in a theatre as a full evening performance.














Ryerson University, Toronto (Canada)

Centro Coreografico Canal, Madrid (Spain)

Carmen Amaya conservatorium, Madrid (Spain)

Centro Andaluz de Danza, Sevilla (Spain)

Royal Swedish Ballet School, Stockholm (Sweeden)

Arabesque, Ourem (Portugal)

Auditorium Ballet, Verona (Italy)

ZO3Y, Guangzhou (China)

Enigma Dance Arts Creatives, Kunming (China)

Good Dance Center, Nanning (China)



Centro Coreografico Maria Pages, Fuenlabrada (Spain)

CDW, Vicenza (Italy)

Arabesque, Ourem (Portugal)

Tanzwerk 101, Zurich (Switzerland)

Keimyung University, Daegu (South Korea)

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem (Israel)

Pallco, Porto (Portugal)

Ryerson University, Toronto (Canada)

Totem Dance, Kiev (Ukraine)

Factory Ballet, Madrid (Spain)

Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble, Bari (Italy)

Dantzagunea, San Sebastian (Spain)



Tanzwerk 101, Zurich (Switzerland)

Centro Cultural España, Universidad del Pacifico, Lima (Peru)

Danza Concierto, Medellin (Colombia)

Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia)

Acosta Danza, La Habana (Cuba)

Danza contemporanea de Cuba, La Habana (Cuba)

Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, Cartagena (Colombia)

Luzerner Theater, Luzern (Switzerland)

Tanzhaus, Zurich, (Switzerland)

Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma, Madrid (Spain)

EDAC Espace Des Arts Chorégraphiques, Lyon (France)

Metamorphosis International Residency, Lisbon (Portugal)

Intensive Contemporary Dance Course, Gijon (Spain)

International Contemporary Dance Workshop, Prague (Czech Republic)


Ateneo della danza, Siena (Italy)

George Brown College, Toronto (Canada)

City Ballet, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Wellesleys Studio, Auckland (New Zealand)

New Zealand School of Dance, Wellington (New Zealand)

PPY - Sydney Dance, Sydney (Australia)


Factory Ballet, Madrid (Spain)


Factory Ballet, Madrid (Spain)

Boris Eifman Academy, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


Cannon Dance, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Compañía Nacional de Danza, Madrid (Spain)

Centre 151, London (UK)

Valencia Danza, VIII Campus Internacional, Valencia (Spain)


Shanghai Dance Theatre, Shanghai (China)

Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu, (China)

Dance Teq Centre, Toronto, (Canada)

Chez Bushwick, New York (NY)


Ateneo della Danza, Siena (Italy)

Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua (China)

Zhejiang Academy of Music, Hangzhou (China)

Shanghai Dance Theatre, Shanghai (China)

Normal University, Shanghai (China)

House of Dancing Water, Macao (China)

Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou (China)

Beijing Normal University, Beijing (China)

SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Salzburg (Austria)



National Taiwan University of sports Dance Department, Taichung (Taiwan)

Zhong Zheng High School, Taipei (Taiwan)

Chinese Culture University Dance Department, Taipei (Taiwan)

National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei (Taiwan)

University of Taipei Dance Department, Taipei (Taiwan)

Tainan University of technology Dance Department, Tainan (Taiwan)

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong (China)

SOTA, School of The Arts, Singapore (Singapore)

Metamorphosis Summer Course Residency, San Sebastian (Spain)

Centro de produccíon de danza contemporanea, Mexico City (Mexico)

En Movimiento joven talento mexicano, Mexico City (Mexico)

laCantera, Mexico City (Mexico)

Saitama City Ballet, Saitama (Japan)

Hatsunekan Studio, Kyoto (Japan)


Dance Studio “CORAZON", Fukuoka (Japan)


Chung-Ang University (South Korea)


Equilibrio Dinamico, Bari (Italy)


Dantzagunea, Errenteria, San Sebastian (Spain)


D´Motion, Internartional Dance Festival, DPAC, Damansara (Malaysia)


M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)


Beijing Normal University, Beijing (China)


SOTA, School of The Arts, Singapore (Singapore)


Dantzerti, Bilbao (Spain)


DAF Dance Art Faculty, Rome (Italy)


La Cantera, Mexico DF (Mexico)

Metamorphosis summer course residency, Mexico df (Mexico)
+Danza, San Salvador (El Salvador)
Beijing Dance festival, Beijing (China)
Studio ARCHITANZ, Tokyo (Japan)
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong (China)
New Zealand school of Dance, Wellington (New Zealand)
Atamira Dance company, Auckland (New Zealand)
PPY Sydney Dance Company (Australia) 

Austinmer Dance theatre (Australia)

La Cantera, Mexico DF (Mexico)

Centro Cultural de España en Mexico, (Mexico)



DantzaBiz Bizkaiko Dantza Etxea Palacio Euskalduna, Bilbao (Spain)


DAF Dance Art Faculty, Rome (Italy) 


UNAM, Mexico DF (Mexico)


IB Stage, Barcelona (Spain)


Balance Art Center, Beijing, Metamorphosis summer course Residency (China)


Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Toronto (Canada)


Peridance (New York)


Dantzagunea, San Sebastian (Spain)


PPY Sydney Dance Company (Australia)


Austinmer Dance theatre (Australia)




Alono King's Lines Ballet training program, San Francisco (California) 


Summer course at Menagerie du Verre, kazuko Hirabashi, Paris (France)


Dance world Cup Spain, Jury + Workshops, Barcelona (Spain )


Northern California Dance conservatory (California) 


ODC, San Francisco (California) 


Arts Umbrella Dance, Vancouver (Canada)


Balance Art Center, Beijing (China)


IB Stage, Barcelona (Spain) 




Centre de Dansa de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain) 


Dantzaz and Nudans, San Sebastian (Spain)


Jove Ballet de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain) 




CobosMika Training program (Spain)