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Founded in 2019, Metamorphosis Dance owes its success to the long career paths, personal experiences, and joint efforts of Ansa and Bacovich.

Expressive strength, emotional depth, and clean, precise movements are common aspects in their work for the company, which since its inception has born the well-defined and very conspicuous hallmarks of its two authors.

All the creative processes have been developed from their personal methodology, but the diversity in themes and variety of specific interests behind every work is also a testament to the breadth and scope of their work method.

Al desnudo [‘Naked’], a 55-minute-long duet premiering at the Madrid Dance Festival 2019, is a play in black and white. The play’s two performers move around on the stage with speed, agility, and precision to the accompanying music by Johan Wieslander and Philip Glass, which helps create the suggestive atmosphere.

Throughout their artistic lives, audio-visuals have been a great source of inspiration for Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich. To this day, their impressive portfolio of video creations and photo-choreographies constitute another important facet of their creative work.

As a result of their reflections about the relationship between dance and cinema comes Dog Talks. This choreography including seven dancers premiered in the Canal Open 2019 series. It is a product of their residency in the Canal Theatres, in Madrid.


Capturing the movement of stage dance for cinema production is the premise of this dynamic choreography. It permits them to play with time and space without explicitly recurring to the camera or the audio-visuals, although they are present throughout the performance.

The light is always a relevant element in their work. This time designed by Nicolas Fischtel, it takes centre stage in Elkarizketa Ilunak (2020). This play for five dancers once again premiered as the result of a residency in the Canal Theatres. The physicality of their bodies is tested to the limit in duets, trios, and group work, where they move at different speeds below eight neon tubes of changing colours making up, for a while, the lighting and scenography. With its abstract appearance including four perfectly structured squares dominated by a single colour and encapsulated in sound, this suggestive play ulates the imagination of its audience.

La Cia de la Luz,,


Claudia Morgana, +34 678 581 018


The office,

With the support of the Community of Madrid, resident dance company in Alcorcón.

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