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Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich starts collaborating in 2013. From the very beginning they realised that the different backgrounds and approach of the two artists complemented each other’s artistic needs and visions. 

Since the beginning of their collaborations they work around the globe on multiples fields such as choreographing, dancing, teaching, producing and generating art works in collaborations with media artists. 

The experience they gathered made them refining their approach to be able to to adapt in multiples situations to generate a universal language and that could get to a large variety of cultures and audiences. 

Iratxe and Igor have developed their own dancing method called “Metamorphosis Method” and are founders and organisers of the Metamorphosis dance project. 

So far the duo have worked in over 30 countries ad choreographed over 20 dance works. 

Finally the dance company has been officially established and based in Madrid Spain.

Gabriel Blanco / produccioncreativa@gmail.com / +34 657 42 68 65

Lola Ortiz de lanzagorta/ lolaortizdelanzagorta@gmail.com / +34 635 88 45 93