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Dog Talks, the new creation that we have been developing in Canal, reflects on the connections between cinema and dance, an exploration focused on moving the cinematographic language and its dramaturgy to dance and theatre without going through the use of moving pictures in the scene.


Dog talks is a creative process whose pillars are the physical strength and aesthetic quality of its performers: six dancers on stage who build a powerful story using their bodies and turning them into tools that speak to us and excite us. We will also see Igor Bacovich on the scene.

Dog talks is also a research process: a space generated with moving bodies, which interact with each other. For the creation of this piece, Metamorphosis Dance, integrated by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich, investigates the connections that can be made between cinema, visual arts and dance, It is about transferring the essence of other languages ​​and artistic codes to the bodies of our interpreters.

let the bodies speak ...

Direction and Choreography: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Artistic Assistent: Aizpea Goenaga

Dancers: Kate Arber, Antonella Albanese, Irene Ureña Delgado, Jon Aizpun García, Luke Prunty, Igor Bacovich

Music: original composition from Liu Yiwei, Aaron Copland, John Adams, Henry Gorecki

Voice: Aia Goenaga

Dramaturgy and text: Enrique Sastre Escandón
Costume Design: Carmen Granel

Set Design: Monica Boromello
Light Design: Irene Cantero
Executive production: Spectare (Marta López Caballero, Gabriel Blanco) Production: Metamorphosis Dance
Duration: 65 minutes

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