I+I refers to: Iratxe plus Igor.

The duo collaborates on a variety of project since several years, choreographing, dancing, teaching, organising events and producing shows.



Iratxe is originally from San Sebastian, Spain where she attended the Conservatorio Superior de Musica before graduating from the John Cranko Schule Stuttgart, Germany. She danced with Basel Ballet and Ballet Gulbenkian before acting as muse to Nacho Duato in the CND, Spain, having many roles and pieces originally set on her. Iratxe danced with Lyon Opera Ballet before becoming a member of NDT under Director Anders Hellstrom. She has worked with choreographers such as Nacho Duato, William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Jacopo Godani, Johan Inger, Medhi Walerski, Crystal Pite, Ohad Naharin, Wayne McGregor, Alexander Ekman, to name a few. 

Iratxe won prizes and mentions in choreographic competitions such as the International Solo Tanz Theater Festival, Certamen Coreografico de Madrid and was awarded for her artistic trajectory by the Association of Dance Professionals (Spain) in 2007. 

Since 2009 after leaving NDT she became a freelance artist.

She has created and set original choreography on companies, such as Lyon Opera Ballet and as a freelance artist has choreographed, danced and given workshops in many projects and countries around the globe. 



Igor Bacovich is an Italian dancer and choreographer born in Torino, Italy.

Igor began his dance studies at the age of 16 at the ballet academy “Accademia Nazionale di danza” in Rome, Italy.

At the age of 22 moved to the Netherlands to Follow the “Rotterdam Danse Academie” (CODARTS) and specialise in the contemporary dance techniques.

In the Netherlands he worked with several choreographers such as Bruno Listopad, Krisztina de Chatel, Nanine Linning among others.

In the mean time he kept dancing and collaborating in several projects with Iratxe Ansa like performances or dance festivals around the globe such as “Cello Dance Festival” in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and “Comunicación Interpretación Automatica”, Matadero, Madrid, Spain. 

Since 2014 Igor starts being full time Iratxe Ansa assistant in teaching, choreographing and dance partner in their multiple and diverse works all around the globe.



ENCOUNTER is the name of all the activities such as presentations, installations, and interventions that are made  in the cultural spaces of the city within the METAMORPHOSIS INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCY frame.

In specific occasions the cultural spaces are used to create a video art specifically designed for the space.

Iratxe and Igor create the platform where the national and international artists get together, but also coordinates directly each of them, in the dance studio and on the spot.

Here we list few of them:






CENART -            MEXICO


PMQ -            HONG KONG


POMPEII -            ITALY


After coming the other day to MCAM we had the idea of proposing you a collaboration.

As we briefly mentioned you between the 14 July to 9 August we will bring to Shanghai our project: METAMORPHOSIS INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCY.

During these weeks we will create a full evening performance that will be shown in the International Dance Centre the 8 and 9 of August.

The dancers cast will be composed by 18 international dancers and 6 dancers from the company Shanghai Dance Theatre.

Also several international and local artists will take part of the project, and we could see how they could take part of this idea too.

We already have confirmed 2 ENCOUNTERS (dance intervention of cultural spaces): Power Station of Art and LONG MUSEUM.

This project stand as an artist platform where art is exchanged with art, so we are not going to buy or sell anything.

Because of your current exhibition we thought that it could be appropriate a collaboration based on both dance and dance films.

We could present some of our dance video works and or our documentary during an evening in MCAM.

Please check these links so you could have an idea of what we are talking about:

We have a 53 minutes and a 30 minutes version of the documentary. 

Before or after the videos we could perform an open rehearsal with Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich rehearsing a choreographical material live in front of public.

In this way the audience will be able to see how our work is filled with imagination and visualisations, and how these affect the tecnique and physicality of the performer.

We focus particularly on living an experience, precise dynamics and full physical work.

We have already used this format in showings around the world. Audiences always shown a great response.