Iratxe Ansa has worked all over the world and is spontaneously creating a very interesting artists circuit.


The Metamorphosis Summer Course Residency was initially driven by the willingness of several international dancers to work intensively with Iratxe. The 2014 edition was very successful. It was the first edition of this event. It was in Beijing Art Center in Peking, China bringing together seven dancers from Sydney, Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, New York in Beijing China to work intensively with Iratxe.


Apart from teachingthe course, Iratxe also spontaneously introduced the international dancers to several companies with which she had worked with as Leidong Dance Company run by Willy Tsao and a project of dancers from Europe with Sidi Larbi in Belgium and Rote Fabric in Zurich.


In this way  the international dancers and local artists had the opportunity to meet, generated several improvisational events in unconventional spaces, enjoyed company visits and took part in creating video dance works.


This process culminated in a show that was staged at the Theatre of Beijing Normal University.


Videos by Wenting Sun